Parents Advice and Boundaries Expectations

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Sometimes parents expect too much from their kids, they expect their kids to fit inside a box to keep an extension of their dreams. Parents, please let your kids be kids, get over and accept the fact your children have their own personality and they make decisions for themselves, they are here to live their lives based on their reality and what they have created. Sometimes your intention may be good because your want their well being, but this can be just another way to manipulate them and you don't realize the pressure you are putting over them. Your children are not here to please you following that career because of a diploma, because of the big and fancy wedding that you want to show off to your friends while they just really want something simple, because you expect that family celebrations to finish in a certain way or because you want to have grandchildren and they are having good time traveling or doing whatever they want to do. Parents, you have your own life to make your own decisions, let your kids follow their own path, you are damaging them and their loved ones every time you want to control every step of their life. You teach love and respect that's all that matters, let them follow their path and you be the adult who takes your own decisions not because someone said so.


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